I Can't Stop Myself (3:35)Play - lyrics

If Not You (3:55) Play - lyrics

I'll Stay In The Shadows (4:18) Play - lyrics

Down (4:07)Play - lyrics

A Lilia Thing (3:34) Play - lyrics

Us Two (3:49) Play - lyrics

Yeah, I'm Weird (4:18) Play - lyrics

Not Quite (3:37) Play - lyrics

Melody Road (4:11) Play - lyrics

Was It Lies? (4:00) Play - lyrics

Song For Elise (1:41) Play

A Bit Like You (5:05)Play - lyrics

Written, arranged and recorded by Richard Lamplough.
Mixed by Richard Lamplough and James Loughery.

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Lowlife Melodies
Release date: 25th June 2012
Record Label: Wont Ever Be
Catalogue no: WEB 0004