A few summers ago we designed our first website. We loved it, and we still love it but it’s difficult to maintain because it’s built in Flash, Google can't find it easily... excuses, excuses, excuses... the long and short of it is that with the release of Like The Young And Brave Do, we decided to ditch it.

But if you’ve got a little spare time, have a look at it. The main reason we say this is because it has one feature this website doesn’t have: a Picture Book.

“A Picture Book?” we hear you ask, “Isn’t that the name of one your tracks on Promised Land?”

Well... yes, it is, but it’s also the part of our old website where we tell the story of how Promised Land was made, complete with photos and soundtrack. It will make you smile, we promise.

Click here to view the site.

first website laptop image