Over the last few years we’ve become used to throwing an acoustic guitar in the van and turning up at various radio stations around the UK.

If we’re uninvited the security guys don’t tend to let us in. But if we’re invited they usually do, somebody takes us up to meet a very friendly presenter, we'll have twenty minutes of song-singing and chit-chat and then we go home again.

Highlights have included late-night spots with Bob Fischer on BBC Radio Tees, the dearly departed Big George on BBC London 94.9 and a fantastic session with the legendary Bob Harris on BBC Radio 2.

So, all you producers out there in Radioland, if you want to thrill your listeners with some funky acoustic grooves, please get in touch and we will fix up a date. We just need tea and biscuits.

Oh, and don’t forget to tell security, please.

team with Bob Harris