A whole page just for one song?


The truth is, the release of That’s The Day kind of slipped out between the first two albums and appears on neither, but if the Prince of Summer-Breeze Pop ever needed a song to send to his princess... I’d lend him this one.

I have nothing but sunshine memories of writing and recording That’s The Day. It took me a while to finally nail the version that I was happy to throw into cyberspace, but that’s what I did in January 2009... and it’s still there.

And as for the Prince of Summer Breeze Pop story... yeah I leant him the song, but the princess still turned him down.

So send me my damn song back!

I need it again.

- Richard


that's the day single cover
Golden Boy (sunshine mix) (4:11)
That’s The Day (4:09)
Record label: Wont Ever Be
Release date: 19th January 2009
Catalogue no: WEB002